Bring a Feeling of Ease to Training a Mobile Workforce

Every position within an airline requires specialized training, and much of that training requires physically transporting employees, trainers and content to locations across the country. Training departments at every airline need teams of certified trainers, reams of paper materials, a hefty budget and thousands of hours to manage the training not just for new hires, but the recurrent training and live-scenario evaluations. We bring the creation, scheduling and completion of training into one simple solution.

Flight instructors can create courses and student pilot rosters in minutes. The pilots, trainers and resources can be quickly scheduled without gaps and overlaps. Students can then receive new or existing training content in any format or file type. Instructors have easy control over how to send course materials by delivering it to a single student, a department or the entire airline instantly. If a pilot has free time during a layover, he can access the training courses on or off-line, on any device. Grading is automatic, and the student receives instant notification when it’s scored.

Whether a pilot just completed training on takeoffs and landings at a specific airport or a flight attendant finished recurrent training on in-flight security, both are tracked in our qualifications tracking tool.

The entire training process becomes faster, easier, less costly and is tracked automatically for instructors and students.