Beloit, WI – Comply365 is pleased to announce it added a native Windows App for users using tablet devices running Microsoft Windows 8 platform. Users can find the myMobile365 app in the Business section of the Windows Store. Comply365 now has native apps on three main platforms –including iOS, Android and now Windows. Enterprises can leverage the power of mobilization regardless of device choice.

Now enterprises and users choosing Windows 8 based tablets and PCs can access the convenience and power of Comply365’s innovative mobile content management platform as well as smart forms using their native Windows mobile app or web browser.

With a mobile enterprise solution and easy-to-use companion app for Windows 8, users have access to all the content they need including documents, communications, forms, tasks, and training from anywhere, on any device. The new myMobile365 Windows app automatically links and syncs with Comply365’s enterprise solution to give real-time data and automate workflows. It also allows you to integrate with existing databases and solutions to give management visibility and access to real-time information and further automation. These powerful solutions will give companies fresh ways to be productive anywhere on any device.

“We are excited to continue to bring the innovation our customers need to help companies harness the power, efficiency, productivity and savings for their enterprises,” explained Kerry Frank, co-founder and CEO Comply365. With the speed of change, remote workforces and management need a way to give employees, contractors, vendors an easy way to both get the information they need and act on that information anywhere on any device. Users can complete a form right on their tablet; the information can then flow directly into other databases, be emailed to an individual or groups, and/or trigger an automated workflow. Management now has real-time dashboards and reporting on compliance and other key metrics they need to proactively and efficiently manage the business. “Our mobile enterprise solution gives businesses running on any mobile platform the ability to do that,” added Frank.

For example, for airlines using Windows 8 tablets as an electronic flight bag (EFB) solution, pilots and flight attendants can instantly access the latest policies, procedures and manuals they need. Plus, with Forms365, they can complete forms in real time and instantly trigger workflows and routing for further efficiencies. Companies in any industry can leverage the Windows app to gain tremendous efficiencies, reduce risk and make smarter, faster decisions.

myMobile365 app for Windows is a single place for users to get the information they need to do their jobs each day and stay in compliance. This role-based solution automatically links and syncs to Comply365’s enterprise solution, ensuring users have the latest version of documents and content, giving management real-time reporting and automating processes. The app gives users the ability to work off line, making it a powerful way to work regardless of connectivity which is game-changing for many companies. With features such as single sign-on, automatic notifications, search, bookmarks, favorites, highlights, thumbnail views and outlines this intuitive app gives users a smarter, easier, faster way to work.

About Comply365
Comply365 is an innovative software company that helps companies reduce cost, improve efficiency, reduce risk and accelerate productivity with an easy-to-use content distribution platform that makes it easy access and act on content including documents, communications, forms, tasks, and training. With mobile applications, business automation, and real-time reporting, clients can work smarter and faster anytime, anywhere, on any device. Founded in 2007, Comply365 has over 200,000 users leveraging its cloud-based solutions and best-in-class customer service. To learn more visit