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Mandy Eddington, Director, Product Marketing, MedAire
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October 7, 2016 – Comply365 and MedAire today announced the launch of a joint solution to assist communications between flight attendants and pilots in the air with their ground-based medical providers when responding to in-flight medical events.

The solution connects cabin crew to communicate directly—via chat, images, video or voice—with MedAire’s MedLink doctors for medical advice, while also notifying the flight crew and other airline operation stakeholders.

Comply365’s secure, mobile enterprise platform and mobile app, along with MedAire’s embedded app, will allow airlines to leverage the power of mobility and data when managing in-flight medical events.

Cabin crew can share photos and video clips with MedAire through ProChat, a professional chat app from Comply365. MedAire’s embedded app will allow the crew to speak directly with the MedLink doctor via voice or streaming video.

The visuals, in addition to the flight crew’s description of signs and medical concerns, aide the MedAire doctors in their treatment recommendations. The chat functionality also helps relay treatment instructions and information such as long medication names or vital signs.

A single communication via ProChat can go to multiple stakeholders in the airline and at MedLink simultaneously, decreasing critical response time and allowing those informed more time to plan and prepare. Pilots maintain oversight of the event via the ability to monitor the interaction from the flight deck.

“The new, joint solution provides crew members, ground personnel and medical providers on the ground the ability to manage critical situations, make well-informed decisions and avoid unnecessary diversions,” Comply365 CEO Kerry Frank said. “We are connecting operations on the ground with critical situations as they unfold in the air like never before, and the results will be revolutionary.”

“MedAire is continually enhancing technology to deliver quality service to our clients. We are currently embarking on a number of telemedicine initiatives to advance the way clients communicate with our medical team,” MedAire CEO Bill Dolny said. “We believe our partnership with Comply365 will amplify how clients utilizing ProChat manage in-flight events through a streamlined air to ground communications.”

To see this technology in action, we invite you to join us at Comply365’s upcoming annual Connections365 conference Oct. 18-19 in Beloit, Wis. We will showcase the solution and representatives from attending airlines can participate in roundtable discussions. Join us to witness how technology in the cabin of the aircraft can improve the overall management of an in-flight medical event.


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MedAire pioneered in-flight medical advisory services, and as such delivers indispensable medical advice and assistance when medical situations arise in-flight. MedAire doctors have assisted airlines with more than 260,000 in-flight medical events since its inception in 1987. We continue to innovate the aviation medicine world by leveraging technology to make communicating to ground-based support easier and more efficient for our clients. MedAire is an International SOS company.