Quality assurance and auditing have long been separate, slow processes that could only deliver post-action insights and reporting, but the need for faster auditing and reporting is driving demand for a fully integrated solution. Our clients looked to us for a solution to replace time consuming, complex, manual processes of gathering data, so they can spend more time on what’s important. With empowering users as the goal throughout the design process, development was driven by both the everyday needs of our clients and the expert insights of our development team. The end result is a solution that solves many problems, like accelerating the review of internal processes, bringing together siloed safety and audit information, automating reports for the FAA, EPA or review boards and reducing external audits.

oneQA organizes self-audits for organizations like OSHA into one catalog, and is perfect for things like hospital JCAHO audits, fleet maintenance and asset audits, and achieving and maintaining ISO certification. With oneQA you can review internal processes to find gaps or overlap, or to achieve and maintain higher certifications. Integrated with Standards365, oneQA can track your internal and external standards like IOSA, ATOS, ISO, and DOD across every department, and even to vendors and contractors. By bulk-loading steps, questions or standards, detailed audits can be done in a fraction of the time, and targeted spot-audits are a snap with our Fast Track option.

“We are excited to continue to deliver the innovative solutions our customers need to harness the speed and power of new technologies. Our goal is to help enterprises maximize their efficiency, productivity and quality while continuing to cut costs.” explained Kerry Frank, co-founder and CEO of Comply365.

About Comply365

Comply365 is an innovative software company that helps companies reduce cost, improve efficiency, accelerate productivity and reduce risk with an easy-to-use content distribution platform that makes it easy access and act on the content, communications, tasks, and training employees need each day. With mobile applications, business automation, and real-time reporting, clients can work smarter and faster anytime, anywhere, on any device. Founded in 2007, Comply365 has over 200,000 users leveraging its cloud-based solutions and best-in-class customer service.