Don’t Wait for Reports From the Office

Stakes are high in the energy field, and crews must ensure pipeline inspections are thoroughly reported. Using forms, workers can consistently capture data while the corporate office can view the information in real time to analyze trends by region or crew. One crew might be reporting a little corrosion on the portion of pipeline they are inspecting while other crews might be reporting other varying levels of corrosion in other locations. Management can view those reports in real-time to see the big picture. They can take action to investigate and resolve the corrosion instead of waiting for the paperwork to be completed, returned to the office, then analyzed, which can take days or weeks. That’s assuming legible paperwork reaches its intended recipient.

Whether it is crew members in the field or management in the office, nobody has to wait for reports from their IT department because the data is all accessible. The data captured can automatically trigger action based on findings using our task manager. Corrosion of five parts of a pipeline, for example, can be reported immediately and escalated to the appropriate people. Action can be taken immediately, and teams can share findings from our business analytics tools to understand what happened and why, then update policies and procedures or adjust training for continual improvement. Management can see trends and dynamics between crews—which ones are under-performing or having problems—or track consistency among vendors or pieces of equipment.