Double Check Critical Procedures in the Field

When crews are called to a pipeline break or leak, they need the training and information to quickly fix the problem. New field workers might not know the latest on Keyhole Technology, so they will need to read training manuals found in our documents manager on any device before proceeding.

When a pipe bursts below a busy city street, workers can turn to their mobile devices for the specific procedures they will need to replicate. The workers can read specifically about the portion of the pipeline they will work on and watch videos that show step-by-step how to complete the fix. They can go into the task feeling confident about fixing the pipe while management knows the crew has all the possible instructions available in the field.

After the pipe is fixed and life on the street above carries on, workers fill out forms to provide data about the pipe break so the back office can see things like the location of the work that was done, the type of fix that was needed and the name of the contracted company, along with other important details. Field workers don’t have to try to keep paper documents clean and in order in a dirty, wet environment. The back office instantly receives the information in a clear, legible format.