Empower the Talent You Want to Recruit

Workforce turnover can hit 100 percent for some companies in industries such as transportation. It’s a fierce struggle, with a projected need of more than 100,000 more drivers in the next decade. When fleet managers are constantly bringing on new hires, Comply365’s suite of integrated solutions help stop the revolving door and increase productivity.

Onboarding is streamlined and accelerated using smart electronic forms and a process that keeps all key people informed along the way. When a new driver is hired, he enters all his personal information into electronic applications, including tax forms and pre-employment testing. The process ensures consistency and completeness for human resources.

When the new driver begins training, he can complete it in or out of connectivity, and it doesn’t matter if he’s at a truck stop, away from his corporate hub or at home. Management is able to create and distribute more engaging training—using any file type—faster and easier. The real-time dashboard gives managers reporting visibility to track progress and completion. In today’s competitive market, fleets that have embraced mobility have gained a competitive advantage and are quickly seeing the returns in their bottom line.

Mobile-savvy applicants are looking for the same level of technology at work as they enjoy in their personal lives. Our software brings that user experience by adopting smart mobile solutions on any device. Fleets that streamline their workflows elevate their reputation as innovators, making it easier to attract higher-quality talent. At an average investment of $5,000 to train each new driver, the ability to attract, quickly onboard and retain empowered drivers is crucial for success. In turn, drivers feel connected, informed and empowered.