Find the Trend Behind a Power Outage

Comply365’s safety suite provides a full-featured system that allows you to configure audits for every situation. Think of a hospital that lost power to a portion of its building. The hospital called their electric provider to report a transformer had exploded. The call center personnel uses a safety report to collect the information and dispatches a power grid work crew.

Meanwhile, the report is analyzed by the Risk Management team who determines by root cause analysis and trend analysis that a trend of malfunctioning transformers is occurring in the same localized area. An ad-hoc audit is configured by building the audit steps and using them in a project configured in our ad-hoc audit tool.

The audit determines that the problem area is a very old part of the community and much of the power transmission equipment should be updated. The finding is risk assessed and it is determined that a corrective action is warranted, calling for the replacement of the equipment. The corrective action is approved and the risk is re-assessed and determined to be at an acceptable level.

OneQA, our ad-hoc audit program, includes tools to analyze and assess findings, perform root cause analysis, design comprehensive corrective actions, and even connect with Shield, our safety systems manager, to send safety sensitive findings to the SMS program for a Safety Risk Analysis.