Identify Training That Your Vendor Needs

Managing vendor compliance is a core process airlines must manage, and Comply365’s quality and safety products provide audits that do more than just collect information. When an Advisory Circular is issued with new standards regarding de-ice procedures, for example, an airline wants to perform an audit of their de-ice vendors. Since the old standard is revised, the airline wants to ensure compliance.

A finding on one of the audits indicates one vendor is not complying with the new regulation. The audit finding is safety sensitive so it is automatically sent to Comply365’s safety program to be risk assessed. The process determines the hazard and defines the pre-action level of risk. A corrective action is assigned to an appropriate manager, who determines that remedial training is indicated. The remedial training is performed and the risk is re-assessed and found to be eliminated.

Comply365’s safety suite allows users to build and maintain a list of audit steps that can be used across multiple audit projects, from small questionnaires to large multi-department assessments.