Inspections Become Easier, Even In The Middle Of Nowhere

Identifying issues across a network of pipeline is no small task when remote workers are completing inspections using paper forms. Often pipeline crews are working in the middle of nowhere, taking hours to reach the work site with no connectivity. Multiple crews might be working along the pipeline, and each crew has its own timetable. It can take days or weeks for the paperwork to make it to one place or system where a manager can see the big picture.

Using our smart forms, the results of routine inspections become instantly more powerful because workers are logging the real-time data into electronic forms. For example, inspectors open a form on their tablet—whether they’re off or online—and easily tap checkmarks or choose from drop-down options as they complete their inspections. They can snap a photo of an area of a pipe they might be concerned about and add their comments. When they’re done, they provide their electronic signatures and submit the forms. The employees feel more engaged in the process because they complete their inspection reports on the mobile devices they’re used to using, all in one system.

Back in the office, the forms flow into Insights365, which helps management analyze trends, gaps and opportunities, or simply monitor from the back office whether everything is going according to plan. They can provide great support to the teams in the field, helping pinpoint a trend or potential problem such as corrosion in a particular stretch. Nothing falls through the cracks because managers can track progress and data in real time. When issues do arise, our smart forms are linked with our task manager to intelligently route the information to those who need to know and can act to make changes. The result is increased safety and reduced costs and fines.