Keep an Eye on the Road, From the Office

In the back office, Comply365’s products give managers a real-time view of what’s happening on the road. Management can view forms in the process of completion, track fuel efficiency and improve accuracy and compliance through built-in compliance tracking. Using our business analytics tools, a manager can make sense of a fleet’s trends quickly, reveal new insights and schedule automated distribution of the results directly to the drivers who can turn the insights into actions and results.

Using our forms program, managers have real-time reporting that provide continual line-of-sight to a team’s status and visibility to a detailed history for reference and reporting. Drivers can fill out electronic forms upon delivery that can be filed in or out of connectivity. Managers can then instantly identify trends or gaps and focus on proactive, continuous improvement since they’re not waiting days or weeks to get paper forms in the system. Drivers are empowered to share what they’re seeing on the road by uploading photos to their maintenance forms, giving the rest of the crew a chance to respond quickly. Everyone feels safer that problems are addressed before damage is done.