Reduce Delays With Real-Time Data and Communication

Time is money when maintenance causes delays, and without a secure, instant communication system, airlines and fleets incur additional unnecessary delay expenses. Comply365’s instant, secure communication tool coordinates delay issues, then provides a full audit trail and reporting for analysis.

The power of real-time data and communication are evident when a pilot notices a crack in the windshield during flight, requiring a landing at a different airport. The maintenance crew can’t evaluate the crack to determine the next steps until the plane reaches the gate. Through scratchy walkie-talkie conversation, technicians request a new windshield and pull the plane back for repair. Only then is a request made for the part, which needs to be flown in. Only then is another request made for a new plane to continue the flight, which also requires the airline to scramble to find another crew to bring the new plane. Ten hours later, restless and frustrated passengers board the new plane to continue the flight, but more than half have missed their connecting flights.

Using Comply365’s solutions, the pilot could have immediately taken a picture of the cracked windshield and sent it in a secure ProChat conversation with all the stakeholders while inflight. The conversation immediately would have started the process of getting another plane and crew to the airport, as well as delivering a new windshield with technicians to immediately install it to reduce the delay and maintenance time.

With delays costing airlines an estimated $81 a minute, the 10-hour delay cost $48,600. If Comply365’s solutions reduced the delay to half the time, the airline could have saved $24,300. In addition, passengers are less frustrated and inconvenienced by a shorter delay, and many of them could have reached their final destination without an extra night in a hotel.