Report the Accident, Then Prevent the Next

While unfortunate, accidents can be part of the job on the road. Think of a driver in a tractor-trailer combination leaving a loading terminal. The driver misjudged the turnout and contacted a large steel lamppost with the trailer. The trailer was damaged severely, and the lamp post broke and was destroyed.

The driver uses a safety form on a tablet to report the incident with photos—with or without connectivity. The report automatically alerts the Company Safety Officer and begins an event process. The Safety Officer starts an investigation and assigns it to one of his officers at the terminal. The officer conducts the investigation and attaches pictures.

The findings of the investigation, backed up by the pictures and witness statements attached, indicate that the driver was operating the equipment safely and that the turn out of the driveway is difficult and has poor visibility. A corrective action is defined in our safety software and calls for a widening of the driveway turnout. In addition, the corrective action determines that a number of follow-up audits be configured in Comply365’s oneQA, our ad-hoc audit tool, using audit steps from an existing catalogue for location suitability in Standards365, which keeps you current with regulatory standards.