See How Comply365’s Aviation Software is
Transforming the Industry

They said it couldn’t be done!

The visionary ideas of Comply365 Co-Founder and CEO Kerry Frank were laughed out of airline board rooms across the nation. Today, Comply365 has completely transformed the aviation industry and Kerry speaks around the world, sharing her revolutionary ideas. Comply365 has clients representing 75% of the North American aviation market and a growing clientele in the aviation ecosystem. Our expert consultation paired with our mobile-first aviation software help entire airlines overcome key organizational and technological obstacles to leverage the power of mobility. See firsthand how our digital business platform with adaptive applications can help your business not only thrive amidst the convergence of mobile technology and an empowered workforce, but revolutionize how you operate and compete.

Turn to the Experts in Aviation Software

Our team is deeply rooted in flight operations, from former and current pilots to flight attendants, we understand your challenges. Talk to one of our experts to learn how progressive airlines are:

  • Empowering every department and user to solve challenges and be more efficient, inspiring unprecedented collaboration and innovation
  • Relying on a proven Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that takes the flight deck to the next level
  • Transforming inflight operations with their own custom EFB
  • Saving time and money and reducing delays by going digital with MRO manuals and procedures
  • Improving efficiencies and gaining greater access to their data by embracing “smart” electronic forms and checklists
  • Removing regular operational task and project bottlenecks and inefficiencies with a mobile workflow solution so they can handle exceptions more easily
  • Making employee onboarding and ongoing training a breeze with e-Learning tools
  • Realizing the value of a mobile-first front end for users and managers, who can quickly view real-time data

EFBElectronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Nearly all U.S. commercial carriers have turned to the experts at Comply365 to transform their mission-critical papers into an electronic flight bag (EFB). Keeping the skies free from the heavy cases of aircraft manuals and navigational charts is at the core of what Comply365 does.

Electronic Manuals and Digital Cabin SolutionsElectronic Manuals and Digital Cabin Solutions

We’ve revolutionized the whole cabin by providing electronic manuals and digital cabin solutions for all crew members – increasing productivity, compliance, safety and communication from take-off to landing and everywhere in between.




MROMaintenance, Repair & Operations (MRO)

Comply365’s mobile MRO solutions quickly transform the slow, manual paper processes and communications that surround the maintenance and repair industry into a mobile, agile and efficient digital workplace. Say goodbye to inefficient processes and downtime!


Functional Solutions

Comply365’s mobile-first software components are adaptable and seamlessly integrate with each of our solutions, giving you the freedom to mix and match to solve challenges and create new efficiencies. You can easily combine components for the following functional solutions:

Pilots / Flight

  • EFB approvals and solutions
  • Operational data collection and analysis
  • Operational support and communication
  • Delay reduction initiatives
  • Emergency response and diversion
  • Change management and regulatory approval workflows
  • Pilot training  recurrent, AQP solution (online and offline) and qualification management

Flight Crew

  • EFB approvals and solutions for inflight
  • Inflight event management
  • Delay notification and reduction initiatives
  • Crew off-duty communications
  • Cabin condition reports, maintenance notification
  • Crew compliance & training
  • Manuals and memos
  • Unaccompanied minors, passengers with disabilities


  • Single sign-on
  • Emergency response
  • Mobile content capture (forms), distribution and workflow
  • Business process automation & escalation
  • Integration with existing databases and solutions
  • Business intelligence and reporting for real-time decision making, incident review


  • Required inspection compliance
  • Coordination with Dispatch, Crew and Ground
  • Digitization of maintenance documents / job cards / inspection tracking for mobile
  • Maintenance training
  • Non-scheduled maintenance notification / critical operations support
  • Communication for air to ground maintenance, station to station and vendor / contract

Technical Publications

  • Manual distribution and version control
  • Manual creation, content editing and revision process
  • Automatic linking and tracing abilities to company and regulatory standards

Customer Service

  • Delay reduction initiatives
  • Improved passenger experience
  • Automated workflow escalation
  • Real time communication to workforce on the ground
  • Insight into trends
  • Faster rerouting in IRROPS
  • Emergency response


  • Safety management system
  • Data driven workflows and automated business processes
  • Process measurement and validation
  • Quality assurance audit tool

Contract Services

  • On-boarding and training on airline policies and compliance tracking
  • Wheelchair requests
  • Maintenance support
  • Contract customer service – check-in, gate, baggage services
  • Coordination with corporate


  • Learning Management System for course delivery and testing
  • New hire on-boarding
  • Recurrent training program
  • Qualification tool
  • Electronic evaluations
  • Policy change management
  • Contractor and vendor training
  • Training scheduling system
  • Management system for company and industry standards


  • Delay reduction initiatives
  • Rebooking passengers coordination (need Spanish speaker)
  • Instant notifications when gate agent is needed on Jetbridge
  • Coordination with Flight Crew, Dispatch, Ground, Vendors, Contract Services around flight
  • Emergency response

Airport Services

  • Coordination with flight crews and corporate for wheelchair assist or other vendors
  • Delay reduction initiatives
  • Security threat
  • Emergency response
  • Special cargo coordination
  • Delay reduction initiatives
  • Vendor communications

Revolutionize the Routine by Solving Core Problems

Airlines, like many complex organizations, still use separate core systems to meet different business needs, and have only incrementally adopted technology to make small advances to legacy operational methods. That leaves them struggling with integrating data across multiple systems, or having the right actionable information available for the person at the right time in a convenient place. The business transformation experts from Comply365 and our partners will help you simplify your complex, manual, siloed processes into a more efficient, real-time, holistic and digital approach. When operations run smoothly in your newly-empowered workplace, it will help you provide a better customer experience and deliver on your brand expectations.

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