Keep Paper Out of the Sky with an Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Nearly all U.S. commercial carriers have turned to the experts at Comply365 to transform their mission-critical papers into an electronic flight bag (EFB). Keeping the skies free from the heavy cases of aircraft manuals and navigational charts is at the core of what Comply365 does.

Leaders in Electronic Flight Bag Software

Comply365 has led the way in helping airlines convert to an electronic flight bag (EFB), a digital version of the information pilots need at their fingertips that’s available in or out of connectivity, helping flight crews work faster and more efficiently. For years, pilots have turned to our app on their mobile tablets in the flight deck to access their manuals, flight plan from dispatch, memos from the chief pilot or the latest advisory circular.

Comply365’s EFB is accessible on any platform or mobile device, all at a fraction of the weight pilots previously towed around and the cost needed to print and update the manuals.

Mobile Technology Revolutionizes Flight Operations

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The Solution That Pays For Itself

  • Weight and fuel: The annual average cost to carry 100 pounds of traditional flight bags on an average 3 hour leg is $480,924.
  • Paper and printing: Hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper every year.
  • Distribution: Save on shipping costs, storage costs and other distribution expenses.
  • EFB: Reduced issues and fines related to non-currency in the flight deck, in the cabin and at stations.


Digitize the Whole Cabin

The innovation doesn’t stop in the flight deck. Our aviation experts at Comply365 are bringing all the benefits of EFB to transform the entire airline ecosystem. From the cabin crews to the ground crews to the airport agents, our EFB solutions empower the whole team for paperless productivity at an accelerated pace.

Inflight manuals, policies and procedures become paperless for crew members who simply tap on an app on their smartphone or tablet. Our enterprise solutions bring instant distribution of updated policies, procedures, forms and new information to crew on any device.

Connect in a Secure Conversation

Connect the flight crew with ground operations easily in a secure chat environment using ProChat for instant communications. ProChat brings the right people together to easily monitor the status and completion of tasks throughout a conversation using real-time workflows. Crews feel empowered when critical situations arise because they turn to a communication tool they are already using regularly.

ProChat improves:

  • On-time departures
  • Communication during delays
  • Your bottom line by reducing delays and fines
  • Assistance for passengers with disabilities
  • Tracking of unaccompanied minors, important cargo and pets

Get Onboard With the Right Digital Documents

Creating, printing, distributing and tracking revisions of crucial paper documents, manuals and must-reads for pilots, flight attendants, maintenance and other departments is an enormous task. Shipping the updated papers to every employee and tracking that they received them takes time. Comply365 removes those time limitations for instant publication and compliance.

Using our Document & Communication Manager, documents and manuals are created easily in XML and HTML. Users can upload and distribute single page documents, images, videos and even 900-page flight manuals quickly to the right departments, groups or individuals. Compliance tracking is built in and completely automated.

Document & Communication Manager on a mobile device

Flight Crew Continues Work Offline

When a flight crew goes offline, work can continue within Comply365’s EFB. Everything that flight crew members download to their devices remain accessible for the entire flight.

All of a crew member’s forms are within the app and can be filled out with or without internet access. When the device is back online, completed forms are automatically submitted.