Electronic Manuals and Digital Cabin Solutions at Your Fingertips

While nearly all U.S. commercial carriers have turned to the experts at Comply365 for their mission-critical electronic flight bags (EFB), we didn’t stop at the flight deck. We’ve revolutionized the whole cabin by providing electronic manuals and digital cabin solutions for all crew members – increasing productivity, compliance, safety and communication from take-off to landing and everywhere in between.

Empowering Your Cabin Crews for Greater Consistency and Confidence

Comply365 has leveraged the power of digital technology to mobilize the mission-critical information flight attendants need readily available to complete everyday tasks and handle irregular flight operations. This transformation goes well beyond converting paper manuals into easy-to-use electronic resources – we deliver game-changing communication tools that boost collaboration and enable smoother cabin management by seamlessly connecting all flight operation stakeholders.

With access to electronic safety and service manuals, photos and videos right at their fingertips, flight attendants can easily carry out routine tasks such as food plating or assisting unaccompanied minors with greater consistency and confidence. Comply365’s solutions make it easy to set up checklists, workflows or automated compliance tracking, allowing a team to meet a higher level of compliance or carry out safety and security procedures with greater accuracy.

Changing The Game For In-Flight Medical Event Management

Thanks to Comply365’s new joint solution with MedAire, flight attendants and pilots now have greater access to their ground-based medical providers when an in-flight medical event occurs. Our solution allows cabin crews to communicate and share photos and video clips directly with MedAire’s MedLink doctors, the flight crew and other airline operation stakeholders as situations unfold.

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Save Time and Money by Leveraging the Power of Digital

Crew members simply tap on an app on their smartphone or tablet to view paperless inflight manuals, policies and procedures and forms that were once a hassle to access. Comply365’s Document & Communication Manager removes the time limitations and cost involved in printing, distributing, tracking revisions and shipping important information to crews by providing instant publication and compliance tracking. Documents, images, videos and even 900-page manuals are uploaded and distributed directly to the departments, groups or individuals who need them for quick references on unaccompanied minor procedures or how to administer CPR.



The Solution That Pays For Itself

  • Replace paper manuals, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in fuel. One airline estimated its cost savings at about $650,000 a year by replacing flight attendant manuals with our digital solution.
  • Eliminate printing of manual revisions and bulletins, saving significant money spent on printing and shipping. One airline estimated its savings at $300,000 a year by eliminating printing and shipping manuals to flight attendants.
  • Save storage space for spare/extra manuals and binders on board.
  • Receive important data faster and eliminate the cost of printing, distributing and submitting paper forms, as well as the computer reporting system in crew rooms and the cost of IT support.
  • Reduce problems and fines related to non-currency in the cabin and at stations.

Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device

Comply365’s enterprise solutions deliver updated policies, procedures, forms and new information to crew on any device. And when a crew goes offline, their work can continue within Comply365’s mobile platform. Everything that cabin crew members download to their devices remain accessible for the entire flight, including forms within the app that can be completed with or without internet access. When the device is back online, completed forms are automatically submitted. Flight attendants no longer spend time on their overnights filling out forms, and airlines receive immediate access to important documentation quickly.


Digital Cabin Solutions in Action