Take Action When Quality and Safety Are On the Line

With so much riding on the quality and safety of your operations every day, you need a smart, automated solution that you can rely on. Comply365’s solutions deliver the information you need across all departments to mitigate risk and take corrective action.

Quality & Safety Management

The robust tools and intuitive features that you need for enterprise-wide auditing, risk mitigation and trend analysis are the core of our quality and safety management solution.

Optimize and automate the manual processes that are critical to your enterprise operations, analyze and classify risks, initiate action with role-based permissions and implement comprehensive and effective corrective action. Our innovative solutions allow you to take a proactive approach to quality and safety management, impacting operations across your entire organization.

Mitigate risk and take corrective action today!


Everything You Need, All in One System

Our SMS and auditing modules – Shield and oneQA – work seamlessly to pull from the same catalog of standards in our Standards365. The crucial and time-saving actions are brought together to increase efficiencies and make a nearly impossible task easily manageable.

A safety management system should have all the tools in one place and in an order that’s easy to understand. That’s how we built Shield, so when your findings need analysis and corrective actions, all of the steps are completed within the program. All of the data is fed into our audit center where you extract custom reports.

The power of our centralized system is on full display when you enter the report center. Forget about grabbing data from different places to try to build a report. We combine the information you need from across the system for beautiful reports in a snap.

We Give You the Tools to Customize

Being able to design a software system to match your enterprise—without outside help—is part of the beauty of our solutions. You don’t waste valuable time waiting when you need a vendor to adjust preformatted steps or add a new step in the process. In a matter of minutes you can do it yourself.

Our solutions allow you to build your audit steps, apply weight to standards and build your own categories. Those are all saved in the system so instead of starting over from scratch for a similar—but slightly different—process, you can just replicate and tweak.

Product Suites

 Quality & Safety Management in Action

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