Finally, Training Employees and Instructors Can Get Excited About

Keeping great employees engaged can be a huge challenge for any organization. Comply365’s intuitive solutions make training—yes, even recurrent training—and compliance a smooth and interactive process that employees and trainers will love.

Training & Compliance Management

We understand the importance of recruiting, training and retaining your workforce, particularly in highly-regulated industries where maintaining compliance is mission-critical. Smooth onboarding with training that can be done anywhere, anytime, in and out of connectivity will get new employees off to a great start. Our LMS Learning Manager and compliance management solutions facilitate the ongoing electronic evaluations required to maintain compliance, ensuring that your core training operations run seamlessly while boosting engagement across your entire enterprise.

Are you ready to get excited about your training!


No More Delay

Now you can view training results in qualification tracking in real time, eliminating the error-prone, manual data entry after a course is completed. Scheduling collaborative training accelerates because everyone involved can view the schedule and receive instant updates to schedule changes.

Take Your Evaluations to a New Dimension

Go beyond the basics – you don’t want to just assess personnel on whether they got it right, but how they got it right. Were procedures followed? Was communication accurate and efficient? Were difficulties encountered? An analysis of multi-dimensional evaluations allows you to see problem areas before failures start occurring.

 Training & Compliance Management in Action

Empower the Talent You Want to Recruit

Workforce turnover can hit 100 percent for some companies in industries such as transportation. It’s a fierce struggle, with a projected need of more than 100,000 more drivers in the next decade. [...]