See How Comply365 is Crafting the
Digital Transit Agency

The days of issuing, distributing and carrying paper documentation are over! Turn to the digital transformation experts at Comply365 to save time and money with digital rulebooks, manuals and procedures, “smart” forms and checklists, electronic training materials and more. Our enterprise-wide solutions give your agency the tools each department needs to work more efficiently, increase agility and safety and mitigate risk.

Don’t Let Paper Documentation Weigh Down Your Organization

Talk to one of our experts to learn how progressive organizations are:

  • Saving time and money by going digital with their rulebooks, manuals and procedures
  • Improving efficiencies and gaining greater access to their data by embracing “smart” electronic forms and checklists
  • Removing task and project bottlenecks and inefficiencies with a mobile workflow solution
  • Making employee onboarding and ongoing training a breeze with e-Learning tools

Content & Compliance Simplified

Our digital content management platform, Document & Communication Manager, and mobile app give users maximum convenience and give corporate the flexibility and control to ensure users across your organization have the latest information at their fingertips.

Smart, Interactive Forms

Our smart digital forms bring a whole new level of productivity and automation to the mobile workforce. Easily build your own forms and quickly distribute them. From simple electronic forms and checklists for gathering data, to complex forms with built-in calculators, calendars and smart functions that do the work for you, Forms365 is a central piece of productivity and compliance.

Fast, Flexible Training

Efficient and effective training just got easier. LMS Learning Manager gives you complete control, convenience, flexibility and global mobility. It is one solution every department can use, including vendors and contractors. Create new or leverage current content and expertise as you upload and distribute training content of any file type to create engaging training that users can access from any mobile device or PC.

How will FTA’s new Public Transportation Safety Program Final Rule affect your organization?

Our expert consultants, including a former Director of Safety & Security of an international airline, can help walk you through implementing an SMS for a public transit agency. Comply365’s SMS platform, Shield, can help you analyze hazards, classify risks and implement effective action plans, eliminating complexity and inefficiency. Best of all, Shield is easy to incorporate, simple to use, and flexible enough to reach across your entire organization.

Solve Persistent, Multi-Department Problems

Recent federal investigations have found a range of downfalls among public transit system operations. Many of these issues can be addressed with a properly-implemented Safety Management System and enterprise management solutions from Comply365, including improving information sharing and communication across departments to address safety concerns, appropriate procedures for operations and maintenance activities and adequate training for employees.

Comply365's Shield includes the 4 components of SMS you need:

  • Safety Management Policy
  • Safety Risk Management
  • Safety Assurance
  • Safety Promotion

Identify & Mitigate Risk

We help you develop the processes to discover likely causes of accidents before they happen, detail what you can do to mitigate those risks and evaluate whether your strategies and actions are working.

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