Stay Connected, Even at 30,000 Feet

Thankfully, the travel experience is usually uneventful; however, medical emergencies, security incidents and other abnormal situations are a reality. They are stressful, demanding and costly. Whether a flight attendant is handling a medical situation or a security threat, he can quickly start communicating with his team using Comply365’s ProChat, an instant, secure chat program, while capturing real-time data to make smarter, more informed decisions.

With the touch of a button, flight crew members can start a conversation using a template that automatically invites the right people. For example, when a passenger begins to have trouble breathing during flight, flight attendants can instantly alert the pilots in the cockpit, medical personnel on the ground and operations crews on the ground that might be needed. The flight attendant can describe the patient’s condition in written text, but he can also take pictures or a video to give crews on the ground a real-time view of the situation. Oftentimes, those communications previously were scribbled out on paper and passed under the cockpit door for the pilots to decide their course of action, then send a note back under the door to the crew. As the patient’s condition worsens, ProChat’s escalation options bring critical people into the conversation to prepare for a diversion. The flight crew coordinates with emergency responders, hospitals and management so the right resources are informed, aligned and equipped to provide assistance when needed.

Following such an incident, our suite of products work together and can automatically integrate to other databases and solutions for a comprehensive post-incident review. Users receive audited data to reflect on the management of the medical diversion so they can make well-informed decisions to avoid unnecessary diversions.