Takeoff On Time with Seamless Communication

Travel can be exciting and enjoyable, but it can also be frustrating and taxing. It’s no easy task to get millions of people and goods to their intended destinations on time and safely while making it enjoyable. The flight crew plans for normal operations but must also adjust quickly to the unexpected—a weather delay, a mechanical issue or a security or medical issue—oftentimes by using walkie talkies, passing paper back and forth or making phone calls. Every department needs information at their fingertips before the flight takes off. With Comply365’s solutions, everyone can communicate seamlessly, ensuring you get to where you’re going.

Look at the digital workplace for one crew on any given day: A runway change is made while a crew is preparing for the flight, and the pilot receives the notification on his phone through ProChat, an instant, secure chat program. When a young girl arrives at check-in to fly alone to visit her grandparents, a flight attendant who is fairly new turns to her tablet to double check the latest policy and procedure on working with unaccompanied minors. When a broken tray table is discovered before passengers board the plane, a flight attendant is able to take a photo and instantly send it to a maintenance technician to get it repaired to prevent a delay. Outside, maintenance crews are working on another plane to complete timely repairs by accessing the latest manufacturer manuals and training on their tablets. When a storm blows through at night, the flight crew can rest assured the de-icing contractor is following company protocol and procedures because it is up-to-date on its compliance.

Whether it’s a simple change to procedures or a quick maintenance fix, Comply365’s suite of solutions provide an integrated documents and communications system no matter the altitude, distance or lack of connectivity.