The Digital Cab

With Comply365’s solutions, slow, manual paper processes such as bills of lading and invoicing become fast, electronic processes, and telematics data drives powerful real-time reports so you can run a smarter, faster operation from end to end. Think of a driver who delivers a shipment, but then it takes days before the driver is able to get back to the office to deliver the paperwork for invoicing. The process can take on average 30 to 45 days, stifling cash-flow and costing large companies hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

In a connected cab, the driver doesn’t have to worry about spilling coffee on the important paperwork or rummage through stacks of papers he’s collected throughout his week’s route. Instead he turns to his tablet to fill out electronic forms that funnel the 30 to 45 days down to a single day. Office workers don’t have to struggle with illegible handwriting or missing pages, and the process results in accurate billing. That not only makes the customer satisfied, but corporate is happy to speed up the workflow and the driver is empowered by being able to use the technology he’s used to in his personal life.

All paper forms can be replaced with powerful electronic forms that can be completed on any device and created in minutes with our forms program. Electronic signatures allow for fast sign-off at delivery, and upon submission, the gathered information immediately takes action. Smart forms can instantly launch emails and kick off workflows so the right information goes to the right people right away. The data from these forms also can be integrated into other systems for further action. Route maps and permits also can be instantly distributed to the right driver. Creating a digital workspace for drivers increases productivity and helps connect the front and back offices.